Bio-Ice Cream Is Probiotic Food for Dietetic and Functional Nutrition, a Novel Product at the Market .

   Globally stable and high demand for probiotic products is, on the one hand, indicative of a probiotic deficiency in the body of a modern person and, on the other hand, it manifests the incapability of products and preparations proposed at the market to compensate for such deficiency. Medicinal preparations and products produced do not take into account the physiological make-up of a human digestive system or the time-structural distribution of probiotics in the gastro-intestinal tract.

   Bio-ice cream is a new dietetic probiotic product for protective and functional diet.  

   Innovative properties of the product:

   We have developed a unique technological process of probiotic products production. It is based on the difference in the sensitivity of micro-organisms, at various stages of their cell cycle, to the enzymosis environment of digestive enzymes in the human gastro-intestinal tract and it permits to correlate the time period the microorganisms advance along the cell cycle and the period the chymus moves through the aggressive medium of ventricle and duodenum. Thus Bio-Ice Cream novelty lies in the new enrichment method and a new method of bacteria preservation (using cold). It permits to produce a probiotic product containing a new form of well-known strains of probiotic bacteria that are widely used in the biotechnology. Bio-Ice Cream is the only food product that ensures an efficient intake of probiotics.

   Our innovative product provides favourable prospects in preserving individual health and opens a new sphere, the so-called “tasty prevention of diseases”.

   The product exhibits all the properties of a genuine milk product and, apart from that, has the following advantages: 

  •  *  the precise measuring of bifidus and lactic bacteria so that their final concentration is at least 1000000 CFU//g provide a therapeutic dose of probiotics;
  •  *  the cold, being a natural conservative, preserves the probiotics viability in a specific form thus ensuring the safe movement and then dwelling of bacteria in the small intestine;
  •  *  the storage and transportation temperature (-18 С) provides sanitary-epidemiological safety of the bio-ice cream, minimizing the risk of an occasional contamination and development of pathogenic germs;
  •  *  does not contain any vegetable oils, GMOs, artificial preservatives, colourants, or flavouring agents;
  •    For more than 15 years we have been developing the Bio-Ice Cream Project. Our population-based studies demonstrate that apart from a curative action on a human body, probiotics are capable of preventing diseases. The data have been published in scientific peer-reviewed medical journals and collections of studies. Apart from causing intestinal infections, the deficit of probiotic bacteria undoubtedly results in “adaptation failure” and consequently, in younger age when wide-spread diseases start to manifest, in early deaths and in low birthrate. Intestinal dysbiosis causes systemic disturbances in the body (dysbacteriosis) and it is the state the majority of global population is having. The proven health-promoting properties of this product made it possible to develop organizational and methodic approaches in order to introduce Bio-Ice Cream in the diets of children, adolescents and adult patients of hospitals and health resorts.   

   “Wellness Program Using Bio-Ice Cream for Pupils of Pre-School and School Educational Institutions” has been developed and successfully implemented in the regions of Russia. The Program envisages the consumption by courses, i.e., administration of Bio-Ice Cream by children for one month twice a year. In the case of course consumption the biological action of Bio-Ice Cream on the children’s bodies appears in the improved individual resistance to respiratory and intestinal diseases reducing the group morbidity and improving the level of epidemiological welfare.  

   Today this sort of programs is the basic instrument for establishing regional dealer businesses and for attracting private investments locally in order to expand the Bio-Ice Cream sales geography.

   Presently, "Desant Zdoroviya" Company developed and introduced 4 lines of bio-ice cream:


Preventative line intended for children health promotion courses in nursery and secondary schools as well as for employees of production enterprises.  

“Desant Zdoroviya”
in a waffle cone

Classical version:  
natural ice-cream and waffle

weight 45 g


Tasty care for your baby’s health

weight 45 g
Gluten free.


Low-calorie line to be sold in pharmacies and shops, fitness centers, health resorts, etc. including probiotic ice-cream enriched with fibre.

“BIOfly Bitter Chocolate”
free of sugar, based on fructose.

It will grant you day-long energy and high spirits

weight 45 g
Gluten free.

“Biofly + Sibirian Fibre”

Ideal duet for “figure diet”: Probiotics+ prebiotics

weight 45 g

“Biofly natural vanilla”

Sugar free

weight 45 g
Gluten free.

“BIOfly fitness”

Tender light dessert with genuine vanilla

weight 45 g
Gluten free.


Family” line – convenient packaging for the whole family.

“Family Asset”

Wonderful cream taste and aroma

weight 450 g
Gluten free.

“Family Asset Bitter Chocolate”
Free of sugar, based on fructose 

For true chocolate lovers  

weight 450 g
Gluten free.


ENHANCED line is used in the pre- and post-operative periods, after the therapy with antibiotics, etc. Quickly restores your intestinal microflora just in 14 days!


“Bifilak Forte”

Takes two weeks to restore the intestine micro flora 

weight 315 g
7 servings of 45 g
Gluten free.

“Bifilak Forte”
Free of sugar, based on fructose

Do you restrict the consumption of sugar? This bio-ice cream is for you!

weight 315 g
7 servings of 45 g
Gluten free.

Bifilak Forte with Siberian Fibre

Probiotics + Prebiotics -  an ideal duo for quick recovery of intestinal microflora. Fibre improves growth of beneficial microflora, contributes to better intestinal peristalsis, adsorbs and removes toxins from the body.

weight 315 g
7 servings of 45 g


   “Anti-age” line has been developed and is ready for production  

   The Project success is forecasted based on the following factors:

1.  Growth of consumer activity, care for a healthy lifestyle and global knowledge about the foodstuffs safety generate a high demand for probiotic products.    

2.  The growing rate of chronic diseases among the population being an undisputable fact, the federal expenses on the care for these groups of population keep growing. All of national governments support producers’ efforts aimed at developing new products that help maintain a healthy diet and prevent such diseases.

3.  Fall in the birth-rate and increased longevity promote general ageing of the population ensuring thereby a further growth of demand for health care and for related products and offering the possibility to launch new products in the functional diet sector.   

4.   Rapid urbanization and increased number of middle class people will maintain a stable growth of expenses of the population. This category of population is a prospective new active group of consumers of functional diet products.


   The project implementation plan for the region may be as follows:

  • 1. Technology transfer and producing a pilot batch of product or delivering product from Russia;
  • 2. Certification of Bio-Ice Cream according to the certification standards of the country;
  • 3. Assessment of preventive probiotic properties of Bio-Ice Cream at the request of controlling authorities of the country; 
  • 4. Development of specialized programs of health promotion and preventive treatment of dysbacteriosis of the population based on the procedures developed in Russia;
  • 5. Sales of the product according to special-purpose programmes;
  • 6. Actualization of dysbacteriosis problem aimed at preservation of health and improvement of life quality of the population and involvement of public funds and federal institutions that are in charge of education and of public health care, in the problem of covering the demand in probiotic food.

   On the basis of Russian experience, the implementation of stages 1 – 4 may take one year at the most. Already then the project capitalization will grow considerably. This will make it possible for the project participants to pay back the financial investments and to receive substantial profit. 

    Contact us on: regions@bioice.ru

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